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A regional platform to share knowledge, raise awareness and break gender stereotypes in STEM fields

"My wish is that this will provide a positive message to the young girls who would like to follow

the path of science, and to show them that women in science can also have an

impact through the research that they are performing."

Emmanuelle Charpentier, 2020 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry


What is STEM?

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are the skills in high demand for the workforce of the future. STEM4ALL is a UNDP platform dedicated to accelerating gender equality and the representation of women in STEM to meet the demands of the future of work in Europe and Central Asia.

Gender barriers in STEM

Women are underrepresented in STEM sectors. From a young age, they are discouraged or steered away from STEM subjects throughout their education, limiting their abilities to explore their aptitudes and opportunities for these fields. Whether it is because of social norms, gender stereotypes, occupational segregation, or exclusionary workplaces, women could fall further behind in the world of work. Learn more about how we can make changes from classroom to boardroom for an equal future in STEM.

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Meet women in STEM who are breaking down barriers

Asel Sartbaeva, Kyrgyzstan

Asel Sartbaeva, Kyrgyzstan

Ankita Sinha, Serbia

Ankita Sinha, Serbia


Policies in practice: Meet Valeria Ionan, Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine

Inclusive corporate cultures: Meet Engineer Girls of Turkey

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The future stems from equality! Whether you are a woman studying to be a STEM professional or in a STEM career, an advocate for gender equality in these fields, a professional in a private company or public institution, an academic or a policymaker, we want to know how we can best support you and collaborate. Let us step up 4 STEM!


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The STEM4ALL platform provides the space to create and share collective knowledge on gender equality issues in STEM in the region among women in STEM fields, academics, policymakers, and the private sector in the form of videos, podcasts, publications and webinars.

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