by UNDP Europe and Central Asia


UNDP Policy Brief: Harnessing Information and Communications Technologies for gender equality in Europe and Central Asia

Published as part of the UNDP Development Future Series on July 6, 2021


By Tiffany Sprague, Ilaria Mariotti, and Emma Cape


This paper analyses the gender gaps in access to ICT-related opportunities, with a focus on Europe and Central Asia. It argues that achieving gender equality in ICT policies means going further than investing in women and closing gender gaps. It requires efforts at institutional and policy levels to harness ICTs to serve the goals of equality and justice and ensure that the benefits of data and digitally driven change accrue equally to all. The paper presents solutions to track gender equality progress in ICTs, promote digital education and literacy, grow sustainable career pipelines, and support women's entrepreneurship as part of a whole-ecosystem approach to change.


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